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Weird Mike's Drawing, or Mike's Weird Drawing

It is about time for me to give away some free stays at the Eden House. Four days and three nights in a deluxe room and all you have to do is send a silly, off the wall, funny or just plain weird postcard with your name and contact info. I will be drawing a postcard each month for the next 12 months. I will be blind folded and the postcards will be drawn at random. The only catch is that the postcards can not be plain and I get to decide if they are plain, and if they are I will throw them in the recycle bin with the junk mail and daily catalogs. If you win, you can re-gift your free stay or the stay can be extended (additional charges will apply). The free stay is for the off-season in a deluxe room and includes bicycles for you and your guest (restrictions are: no holidays, special events and you must call for availability and you can only win once). Is this a no brainer or what? Get those postcards in the mail pronto! I will post some of my faves on our web page.

Winners of Mike's Weird Drawing

  • Jason Shultz
  • Tasha Fabela-Jonas
  • Colleen Schilinski
  • Elaina Burdick
  • Jean Marie & Tim Kline
  • Daniel Lewis
  • Amy Mueller
  • Jim & Sherry Latoz
  • Kelly Sanders
  • Dawn Meegan
  • Ed & Dulce Acle
  • Jane & Scott Myers
  • Jim & Jan Medina
  • Amy Lockhart & Joel Middaugh
  • Kathy Leggett
  • Tara Holmes
  • Sandra Tilley
  • Laura Richardson

  • Key West Hotel Discount

    We are offering you guys 15% off your future reservations with us….excluding Fantasy Fest and New Years Eve. When booking your room with us online go to our online reservation page - click on Book Online and type in the word regulaaaar (exactly as it is written here) in the promotional code box, and have the word ‘daily rate’ highlighted in the drop menu above the promotional code. Even an old fart like me can pull this off. Go ahead and give it a try. If you need help give us a call. This discount cannot be applied with any other discounts or specials. Thank you so much. Mike Eden

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